Business Owners And Divorce

The world of executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other affluent professionals presents seriously complicated issues in divorce proceedings. Business owners must deal with complex issues not only pertaining to asset division, but also to enterprise and marital goodwill. These nuanced issues can present immensely complicated property division questions. Then there is the additional layer of compensation with respect to accounts receivable and compensation, before taking into account equity bound up in potential partnership agreements.

Executives, too, face unique issues. These professionals are often compensated in novel ways that go above and beyond a traditional salary. These forms of deferred compensation may include:

  • Performance units
  • Phantom stocks
  • Executive stock option plans
  • Employee profit-sharing plans
  • Bonuses

Many of these methods are used to help bring incentives to these professionals who can build the company. Of course, they also present exceptionally nuanced details with respect to appreciation/depreciation and taxation.

Because of these subtle issues, it is of utmost importance to contact an experienced legal team if you are working through a high-asset divorce.

Because we have more than a quarter century of experience working on Florida divorces, we at the Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Osceola and Polk County law firm of Kathy D. Sheive Attorney at Law are prepared to help you reach an ideal outcome if you are working through property division issues involving:

  • 401(k) division
  • Retirement, brokerage and investment accounts
  • Real estate and real estate partnerships
  • Tax/loss carry forward issues
  • Family partnerships
  • Corporate interest
  • Pension funds
  • Defined benefit plans

From tracing and valuation through to division, we will work directly with you to help you reach an outcome that serves you and your loved ones in the immediate and long term.

To get in touch and schedule a consultation with our Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Osceola and Polk County, Florida, high-asset divorce lawyer, call 407-944-4010 or email the firm.