Late-Life Divorce

Regardless of age, couples drift. This is true for couples who have been married for years or even decades. Late-life divorces sometimes called “gray divorces,” are becoming more and more common. Additionally, they often have more complex issues above and beyond those of traditional divorces.

One major issue is that those in very long-term relationships have more fused or commingled assets. As such, the determination of marital versus nonmarital assets can be complex, in addition to valuation and division. Certain assets like vehicles or bank accounts may be straightforward; but pensions, real estate, stock options, or military benefits can present significantly nuanced and complicated issues.

Additionally, retirement plans and estate planning concerns can enter the picture, further complicating things.

If you are faced with late-life divorce issues, it is important to retain experienced counsel so that you can reach the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

Our team at Kathy D. Sheive Attorney at Law is prepared to bring more than 30+ years of divorce and family law experience to help you address late-life divorce property division issues, including:

  • Assets
  • Debts
  • Retirement plans
  • Real estate
  • Businesses
  • Health insurance plans

Additionally, we are prepared to help you address alimony issues, as applicable. We encourage you to reach out and schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.

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