Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

*Adequate financial disclosure is important to a successful prenup agreement.

In divorces, where people have children from previous marriages, or in cases where one or both partners have significant assets, a prenuptial agreement may be important. While some people have reservations, confusions, or mixed feelings about these agreements, they can be extremely useful. Along with affording the marrying couple the right to define the marriage on their terms, and setting all aspects up based on their needs rather than predefined legal dictates, they can be immensely clarifying.

They can also be complicated, however. While documentation can be done without the aid of counsel, issues can arise because documentation is written in a way that does not define or anticipate a specific issue.

For instance, if there is a commingling of accounts, or an investment in property using different funds, the assets/funds can become ambiguous. Anticipating and documenting these and other issues to protect all parties require the experience of skilled counsel.

If you are working through any prenuptial agreement issue, our team at Kathy D. Sheive Attorney at Law is prepared to put a 30+ years of experience to work to help you resolve all details. This includes:

  • Identification of all applicable issues
  • Reading the agreement into a court report
  • Determining and documenting all necessary testimony

Along with prenuptial agreements, we are prepared to bring our experience to work on postnuptial agreements for clients who want to address these issues after marriage.

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